We are fortunate at Jembisa to have some rare , interesting and diverse things to do and places to visit in the vicinity from various safaris to excellent craft and curio projects. Guests can choose to visit some of these.
The Waterberg is spectacular for horse-riding - the dramatic scenery, and the ability to get close to wildlife makes it a fabulous experience for riders of all ages and experience. There are some riding safari specialists very close to Jembisa where our guests ride. They have professional riding guides and carefully match riders to horses.
Jembisa has chosen not to be home to lion and elephant as the safety element allows us to provide opportunities to experience the African bush in a deeper, wider way on foot and to use all of the senses in this discovery. It also allows other unusual activities like spending the night under the stars, bush kitchen activities and mountain biking. Many guests want to see the more dangerous animals and so we can take them on a half day excursion to nearby reserves for this or we can arrange for them to spend a night there.
Jembisa has a rich history having been inhabited by the San bushmen 2000 years ago, followed by the arrival of the Sotho and Swana peoples and finally the settlers up from the Cape in the 19th Century. As a result there are several places of interest locally reflecting this history and how it evidences itself in today's culture. Click here for more info on history of the Waterberg
Half an hour's drive from Jembisa, in the middle of the bush is this charming stone and thatch church, which was commissioned to be built by two spinster sisters on their farm in the early settler days. The leading architect of the time, Sir Herbert Baker, designed this simple, beautiful church. Guests can visit or would be welcomed at a service, held at 9.15am on a Sunday morning.
The dramatic Waterberg scenery and plateau, coupled with the wilderness and wildlife provides some exciting helicopter rides. These are booked via Legend lodges Entabeni reserve which is a half hour drive away.
South African golf courses are renowned across the world and if any of our guests would like to enjoy a round of golf we are able to offer games at 3 of these world class courses - Legend lodges golf course at Entabeni, is the closest just over an hour's drive.
There are some excellent art and curio shops in the local town of Vaalwater. A trip to these is often combined with one of the other excursions in the area. Products range from beautiful home decorative items to small nik-naks that make good take-home presents. There are also several craft projects producing some excellent quality pieces such as embroidered linen and beaded leather and suede work.